Even if many would think that progressive values are inherited through generations, the future of Swedish Social Democracy is all but signed, sealed and delivered.

In order to understand how Sweden came to be a welfare state – but also to understand why it’s been one of the countries facing the largest increase in inequality in recent years – you need to look at the structural development and where it’s taken the country.

Peter Gustavsson combines decades of experience of strategic positions in the Swedish labour movement and in local politics with an academic touch and work in opinion journalism. He also has a long going knowledge of international politics.

This makes him well suited to analyze and help structure up the understanding of Swedish society for any one who wishes to understand it better, as well as to translate not only between languages but also between politicial cultures.

In order to be in touch and discuss future co-operation, please contact Peter either on e-mail: peter@petergustavsson or on phone +46 70 638 10 75.